Will We Run Out of Drinkable Water?

Articles appear daily on the many threats to our planet. Our biosphere is rapidly changing as evident in climate change and other earthly conditions. It is getting to be a crisis situation although international scientists have been telling us the bad news for decades. Long ago, concern about the environment gave rise to a huge grass roots movement.  People began to be “green” in great numbers.  Recycling became the order of the day. Giant corporations were fined for polluting our rivers and lakes.   There is an outcry afoot: our food sources will be damaged shortly, and we may run out of drinkable water. Some, including President Trump, discount these points of view as conspiracy theories. The government doesn’t need to pour billions into saving a thriving planet. I am not so sure about this.

When in doubt, why not take action? I am perfectly willing to conserve water at home. The first thing you can do is check your faucets. Are they leaking? This includes the tub. I often find that the last user has left the knob loose enough to encourage a small, but noticeable drip. Over time, the waste adds up. You can tell by your water bill. In addition, toilets should be low flow. In fact, this type is required in all new construction. Imagine the savings when millions of bathroom fixtures, at home and at work, have been converted. New faucets are also “low flow” and the amount of water is regulated. You can’t leave the faucet on while you are cooking to avoid the hassle of turning the knobs with dirty hands. Some faucets will even go off. This is often seen in commercial bathrooms, but the technology is now available at home. I used to be lazy about turning off the kitchen faucet. I would let it run to get hot water even if it took ages. Then I would run around doing my chores and leave it on until I needed it. Terrible habit!

Take stock now of what you do at home to conserve water. Do it for the future of humanity if not for your water bill budget. Don’t wait for the next dire warning from world scientists. They have tried their best, but not many listen. If all it takes to do your part is to read some kitchen faucet reviews and install a new device, then go for it. The health of the planet is at stake.

I am not trying to be strident; I am just echoing their voices. We need to change our wicket ways. They counsel us to participate in a “groundswell of pubic pressure.” One of the biggest culprits in destroying our world is carbon dioxide emissions along with industrial pollution. The other is water waste. It doesn’t take much effort to confirm these views by reading online.