What We’d Stock our Bunker With

Are you one of those doomsayers? Don ‘t get defensive. So am I. I study all the old prophecies and keep a calendar of current dates that have been set by various people and cultures. Will the ancient lore ever be realized? We may never know in our lifetimes, but we can archive things to help us cope when the day comes. If you have an underground shelter left over from the fifties and the communist scare of nuclear war, you can finally use it unless it has been sealed shut. It makes for a great end of the world retreat and stocking it now with food and water means you will be prepared. Don’t use the old stuff in there from a previous owner of your house. No doubt it is horribly stale. Get new survival kits and freeze dried food items right now. The final day may be nearer than you think!

I don’t mean to make you panic, just to face reality. Someone out there, amongst all those seers, has to be right. So, what are you going to put in your shelter to pass the time. Of course, there will be an air mattress for the number of people to inhabit the space. You better only invite people you really like. Apart from the food and water requirements, you might want to envision what you would do for recreation. There won’t be Twitter to interact with people on your favorite sport, like @Top_Corner_Mag. You can sit on old inflatable bicycle tires and play board games or cards. A battery-operated music system would last for a while in the early days to keep you sane. I am trying to think creatively, and I would add a soccer ball pump that doesn’t depend on electricity. It can inflate a sagging tire, mattress, and you guessed it – a ball. For exercise so you don’t go to hell, you can toss it around as long as it stays taut.

How are you going to vent your anger and rage? Don’t just throw the soccer ball against the wall. You have to turn it to something positive, like the fact that you are going to survive—maybe for your lifetime. We all assume that we will be able to come out of our shelters in at least ten years. There seems to be a consensus of opinion that this is enough time for the world to recover from whatever caused the end of days. Be sure to stock your shelter with what you will need when you open that sealed metal door. I know you are thinking that I have forgotten the problem of air, but I will leave this to technicians and specialists to provide the answer. There will be some kind of non-electrical self-generating air flow and recycling system. Great minds are working on it! They are doomsayers themselves.

Your air mattress may not be comfortable for you when you are in a shallow and edgy sleep. Maybe throw a quilt into the shelter and a pillow or two. Beware that the place doesn’t get too crowded!