What Retirement Fund?

Periodically people believe the world is coming to an end. Doomsday prophesies abound. I like the one circulated by the Pre-Columbian Mayans targeting the year 2012. Well, we didn’t experience the end of days as predicted. Now we wait for the next theory. I am looking into it so you will get any warnings from me for sure. I am on top of this trend in negativity. No one wants it to happen; they just want to be prepared. There are many sources for predictions including ancient calendars and esoteric writings. It is interesting how they survive right through modern times. We live in the information age, the digital age, during the technological revolution, and the destruction of global boundaries. Why are we superstitious as if we lived in the Middle Ages. Is it something defective in the human psyche? I am not sure, but I do know that people behave erratically when they think the world is coming to an end.

It is interesting that they buy all kinds of expensive goods even in the face of an impending crisis. It is not that they feel they will be exempt, but they want a last chance to live it up and enjoy prosperity while it lasts. All images in movies and books of the last moments on earth show ruins. People are like animals fighting for survival, lacking any remnants of former humanity. I see no fancy basketball shoes, designer handbags, fur coats, or imported luxury cars. No matter what, I hear about people who empty their retirement accounts when doomsday is coming. Of course, they won’t need emergency funds. There will be no currency and most likely no or few survivals at all.

What would you buy if you had a year or less to live? Most people tell me that they would travel rather than gorge themselves on gourmet food or even stranger items, like expensive basketball shoes from Ballers Guide. But man is a strange animal who likes to collect the trappings of wealth. Are we really all ego? Is there some atavistic longing in evolved humans to appeal to our fellow men and women by adorning ourselves?

Look at African tribes and think of lavish neckpieces, headdresses, and beaded garments. It is the same for islanders, Native Americans, Australia’s Aborigines, and Middle Eastern collectives. They all have their symbols and signs. Modern man has it easy. Just go on the Internet and read the blogs. You will know what is trendy and required to be top dog in the modern world.