End of World Theories

We have an odd sense of humor here at 2012. We tend to look at conspiracy theories and doomsday prophecies with a bit of a wink and a smile. Honestly, there have been so many of them already and they’ve all been wrong so far. When you research them as much as we do, it’s hard to take them very seriously.

Every year, there’s a global nuclear war theory. There are some radical terrorist groups out there and unstable politicians (we won’t name any names but you probably know where we’re going here) with access to launch codes. So sure, this one seems like a possibility. But it’s always going to seem like a possibility *until it is a reality* or not. Some of us have differing opinions on this, in case you can’t tell. Nostradamus said so, you know: there’s gonna be a WWIII that lasts for 27 years and a final Antichrist who claims that he is saving the world as he destroys it (hmm. Why does this sound familiar? Oh man.) We don’t particularly believe that a war would end the world, but we do think that a nuclear war would make things suck long enough that we wished it did.A psychic from Wisconsin, Jeane L. Dixon (who also wrote a horoscope for dogs book), among others, believed this was absolutely the way we were going to go.

Another fun one expired in the summer of 2016, but it’s based on an interesting concept—the Earth’s magnetic poles would reverse. Instead of just screwing up everyone’s compasses, it would also somehow create a vacuum effect in the atmosphere, trigger a megaquake, and we’d all die. Didn’t happen, obviously. But the earth’s magnetic field has flipped before and it will probably do so again. We found out it has to do with erupting volcanos, so it’s hard to actually pinpoint a date for when that’s going to happen. Although this has never caused widespread extinction before, this prophecy is still up there as a possibility.

Other catastrophic events are widespread earthquakes, droughts to the point where the whole earth is a dry wasteland, another ice age, giant unpredictable tidal waves destroy everything, or there is simply some kind of horrible result from our irresponsible behavior toward our home planet. These theories are as good a theory as any other out there. If you believe in things like global warming, you could extrapolate that to a point where some of these even seem plausible, albeit in the distant future.

There is also a lot of ideas that the end will come from space. The sun could explode and about 8 minutes later, we’d all die. The moon or earth somehow gets knocked out of orbit, and it would ruin everything. The earth is often a giant target for comet-and-asteroid related doom. Some doomsdayers name the likeliest comets. Even the Hopi Indians may have been caught up with this one. They believed something called a Blue Star Kachina would appear in the sky and that would signify a Fifth World.Hmm. Or we’re all going to die. Something like that.

There’s also plague theories, where we are going to be hit with some rampant disease that wipes all—or enough—of us out that there will eventually be nothing left. These go hand in hand with zombie theories, and although they aren’t really plausible, they can certainly be entertaining.

A lot of Christians also believe in something called the Rapture. All the believers are doing to be swept up into the air and sent to heaven and whoever’s left will be living in hell on earth. This can likely happen at any time, but Isaac Newton figured it was most likely in 2060 (although he really hated trying to pin down a date). Yes, that Isaac Newton. However, that’s pretty far away, so we try not to sweat that one.

What about you? Any theories you really like?