Signs You Know The End is Near

Many people practice a specific faith because they want to believe in a certain sequence of events surrounding death and/or the afterlife. It can be a great comfort to have faith in something larger than yourself. Some religions have some sort of doomsday prophecy, taking the afterlife theory to a larger scale. Typically these come about as an assurance that if you believe, you will be able to reap your reward at the end.Here are a sample list of some signs they believe foretell the end of the world:

  • Escalation of international tensions and war. Many religious doctrines across faiths consider this a red flag.
  • Many believe that there will be an increasing number of false prophets, shifting people away from the Righteous path and paving the way for a new leader (the Antichrist), who will bring about the end times. He will be a great charlatan, misleading the faithless into thinking that better times are ahead while stripping their freedoms. He is a master of illusion, and many will not know they have been led astray until it is too late.
  • Plagues. Every time there is a pandemic, people wonder if there is some sort of great plague set to decimate the population.
  • Famines or droughts. Although we are more interconnected globally and can use more sophisticated farming techniques to minimize some of the more significant effects of droughts, widespread droughts could cause many people to starve to death or die from malnutrition-related issues.
  • Earthquakes.This comes up a lot. Major earthquakes that cause lots of destruction seem to be a repetitive theme.

All of these things can be interpreted in pretty broad terms. Some could say we’re already in this phase now—so we’re at the beginning of the end—or you could look at these things and interpret past events as being a sign that the world was ending. You could be right no matter how you interpret them. In a way, these things are kind of like horoscopes. If you look at them a certain way, you will always be able to find something within them. However, there is one more sign that has a common thread through several popular religions:

  • Judgement. One of the staples of most religions is a behavioral doctrine. There are texts, morality tales, and religious leaders who teach their people how to act in a way that ensures them a safe passage into the next life/afterlife/whatever they believe comes next. Most end-of-days tales have a sort of mass judgement day, where every single person who is left on this earth will be held accountable for their time on this Earth and will suffer consequences if found lacking, while being rewarded handsomely for being of good faith.

Haven’t seen anything like that yet, so we’re going to assume that the end of the world is still a ways off.